Next to Grading- and sorting equipment Elisam also produces Bintippers, Drying tunnels and palletizers, all designed to handle your Onions, Apples, Dades and other fruits & vegetables as delicate as possible


GranTorino Grading Machines

The synergy between the ELISAM machinery and the vision electronics of the Dutch Mother Company ELLIPS has not only created the optimum solution for all onions producers, but also for delicate fruits like apples, apricots, kiwi fruit, peaches, tomatoes citrus and many more products. Whether it is selection on colour, size, weight or external & internal defects, the state of the art equipment from ELLISAM makes it all possible


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Buffalo Bin Tipper

The Elisam Bin tippers provide a huge production capacity combined with a great gentleness in emptying bins for delicate products. It can be used for all kind of produce such as: potatoes, peaches, citrus (with and without leafs), kiwi fruit, apricots and many more. It can be combined with a Bin-Stacker and Bin-Destacker to save precious time when feeding the Bin Tipper. Capacity up to 90 bins per hour.

For the emptying bins with apples into a water basin, Elisam has its Hydro Bin Dumping system.


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Palletizer Systems

The Palletizer systems from Elisam can handle all different kind of crates, boxes or cartons. They are known to be very reiable, quiet and safe due to the security fall arrest system. The palletizer has a Bottom Plate underneath the configured layers to transport them to the Pallet position. After the supporting bottom plate is removed the corners are again firmly pushed into the correct position to ensure a perfect fit of the two connecting layers. The “Rozer” Palletisers can be delivered as single unit but can also be designed with several combined units, with or without automatic empty pallet destacking and shuttle units. Capacity up to 1.000 cartons per hour.


Elisam TTE Drying Tunnel

The Elisam TTE Drying Tunnel is used to dry your products after washing and/or waxing. The design is not only elegant but also ensures easy cleaning, high capacity, high efficiency and not important Perfect Drying for product with or without leaves.


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