FOOD AUTOMATION feels that through their network of high-end European manufacturers and more than 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, Food Automation offers turnkey solutions to customers by bringing together experiences from around Europe and suppliers with relevant skills, to specifically address the customer’s goal.


Food Automation was founded by Chris de Krom who emigrated from the Netherlands to Australia in December 2011. As many people know, The Netherlands has set high quality standards for many food products.


Food Automation is offering this professionalism to you by supplying high end European equipment to grade, process, weigh, fill, and pack your products in the most efficient way.

Whether your product is powdery, delicate, leafy, firm, or even liquid, every product has its own specific characteristics when handling them. Food Automation understands this and makes sure the equipment offered suits the requirements of your products and its end-users.


Food Automation is able to supply equipment ranging from single units up to complete turnkey solutions where the whole project from start to finish will be managed by Food Automation. This means that you only have to deal with one company and that we have absolute control over quality, delivery times, and performance. Of course we also offer high-quality after sales service like preventative maintenance service contracts, delivery of spare parts, and remote engineering.


Chris de Krom

Founder & Director

Born in 1972 in The Netherlands, Chris de Krom finished his education in Sales & Marketing in 1994. After his study, Chris joined the Royal Dutch Marines, where characteristics such as honesty, discipline, perseverance, and loyalty are high valued norms.


At the end of the year 1995, his professional career started as an account manager for a company in industrial cutting knives. During this period Chris has dealt with a lot of different companies in the packaging industry.


In 1999 Chris accepted a role at LC Packaging, also in the Netherlands, as a Sales Manager for their packaging materials. During this period Chris increased his experience in all different kind of packaging machines, styles, and products. This varied from small pre-pack materials to big bulk-packaging.


In 2004 Chris was asked to take over the role as Director of the Machine Division of LC Packaging. As a distributor of all different kind of weighing and packaging machinery, LC Machinery was able to supply equipment ranging from single units to complete pack house designs. The markets they were operating in were the produce and industrial food sector.


In 2011 Chris decided to emigrate from the Netherlands to Australia to try to build a new future for him and his family. In 2012 Chris started in South Australia as a Sales & Marketing manager at a company importing European equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry.


Due to his extensive experience, straight-forward European way of working, and his ability to communicate to his suppliers in their own language, Chris succeeded to translate the packaging queries of his clients into turnkey solutions and advice. After working as an employee in Australia for several years, Chris made a long lasting dream come true, by starting his very own successful company – FOOD AUTOMATION.

“Characteristics as honesty, discipline, perseverance, and loyalty are high valued norms.”

“Extensive experience, straight-forward European way of working, and ability to communicate to suppliers in their own language”

“Able to supply equipment ranging from single units to complete pack house designs.”

“Markets & Audiences operating in are the produce and industrial food sector.”


Food Automation is a manufacturer’s solutions company supplying various grading, processing, weighing, and packing equipment for a wide range of products.
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